Friday, September 05, 2008

Football is starting, what can be said other than "Go Bears"! This may be a long season...

The boys were taking the picture and said "Mom and Dad, kiss kiss" but we couldn't stop laughing...

Kyle's photography. "Say cheese Mom", so I did!

What would life be without this monkey in our lives!

Like Daddy!

This was taken at the beginning of the summer. Just relaxing, watching cartoons.

Wow, don't they look quiet in this picture... Everyone who looks at Kyle asks " is he the sneaky one?" um..... YES!

Derek is dodging my camera lately. Here's a shot of him relaxing at the park.

Ok I sent this in the email but I just absolutely love this picture of the boys! So a like but soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


The only picture we've taken together in a year, so here it is again. Love you MIKE!

Jack was helping peel potatoes before dinner so we snapped a shot of this adorable face! Jack is in REPEAT EVERYTHINGS HE HEARS mode. Almost ready to start using sentences.

Luke started Kindergarten this week. He takes the bus with his friend Garrison. He is in the Star Room and his teacher's name is Ms. Carlson. Luke is all ready to start reading BOOKS!!!!!!

Kyle started at Kid's Unlimited this week! He is very excited that he's in school, just like his big brothers. Way to go Kyle! Mom and Dad love you...

Ok, Kyle is still insisting on being silly but here's everyone! So cute guys!


What's up Kyle?

Just a couple of funny pictures I took while I was making dinner. All my boys!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Sideways again... This is usually Mike's job to publish.

"The Freeman Boys" (minus Jack Jack, he'll be in next years)

Kyle the Bat and Luke the Mummy. We had an awesome Halloween!

Big D and little k...

Kyle was a cute little Bat! All night Derek and Luke would say, as Kyle walked up the steps of each house to trick-or-treat, "here comes the little guy'. Then they would say"say trick-or-treat Kyle". He would say it and then the older boys would say"now say thank you Kyle". It was adorable!

Derek was a very scarey Zombie. Jack could barely stand looking at him. Very freaky Debo!

Don't know how to rotate the portrait pictures but this was a good one.

Night of the living Lukie!

Luke in his Mummy costume.

Luke was a Mummy! Grandma King and him have been working on this costume for a couple of weeks. Mike and I didn't see it until yesterday. Luke got the most compliments while Trick-or-treating! He was totally playing "the part", too. Thanks Diana! And Luke, you were a very scarey Mummy!!!

Jack stayed home with Grandpa Daugherty and passed out candy to the neighborhood kids but we did manage to snap this shot!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Time to get in the basement.

The developing of another storm in Woodstock. We have had a very wet summer so far. This storm gave us just over three inches or rain. The normal total for the entire month.

Surrounded by little ones

GG is flanked by the two youngest Freeman boys.


Kyle is two and lovin' every minute of it!

Say "cheese"

Gram takes a picture with Jack and Kyle in front of her house.

Too Cute

Luke's shows off his tattoo that Grandma Wood bought for him. This tattoo stayed on for over a week through bathes and swimming!

Go Cubs go, Go Cubs go...

Hey Chicago, whadda say? Cub's are gonna win today! Our littlest Cub's fan Jack Michael

Not a kid anymore

This was the first time I had seen my cousin Randy in awhile. He's about 6' something and not a little kid anymore.

The get-along gang

Derek, Jordan and Luke show off there new tattoos and jewelry.

Tough guy

Derek begged us to drive on his own. Once he got behind the wheel it was a little different(scarier)than he thought it would be.

Go carts

Payton and Luke are cruisin'

Go carts

Payton takes Kyle for a spin. This is my Gram's neighbor in Kansas

Everyone at Gram's

Bill, Randy, Doug, James, Mike, Kyle, Jen, Luke, Derek, Evelyn, and Anntoinette
a.k.a Uncle Bill, cousin Randy, Dad, brother James, husband Mike, son Kyle, myself, son Luke, son Derek, Gram, and Mom.

My "baby" is getting big

Derek takes a rest with GG's dog Minny in Kansas. The kids sure grow up fast! Derek asked if he could take a nap.

You talkin' to me?

Luke takes a break from the sun at GG's house in Kansas

Friday, July 13, 2007

Four little monkeys bouncing on a bed.

Luke, Jack, Derek, and Kyle at various stages of excitement.

Kyle and Jack getting clean.

"Clean like a bean" says Derek.

The neighbor girls from down the street.

Mikayala, Leah, Luke, Taylor, Derek, and Kyle chillin with some popsicles.

Our Seats

Cubbies took this one. Had a great day despite the weather.

At Wrigley in April.

Derek's having more fun than it looks like.
Luke is having less. It was cold!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

You'd have to ask them. Super hero game or something???

We have the music playing and Jack was jammin'

in one word "adorable"